Keeping Guinea Pigs Body Temperature Normal

During the summer heat at over 40 degree Celcius heat we feel like melting when we are outside.But for cavies its a normal weather. Actually the fact working her is that the average body temperature of a guinea pig is between 99-103.1 degree Fahrenheit(37.2-39.5 ...Read More

Your Guinea Pigs’ Home

Bigger is better! For the health and well-being of your guinea pigs, beyond the minimums, provide as large a living area as you can manage. Cubes and Coroplast (C&C) cages are an easy and inexpensive alternative to the small cages used by breeders and ...Read More

Cavy Names

A Aabanigic Abagail Abba Abbi Abbie Abby Abby And Shaggy Abby-Lane Abcess Abe Abigail Abner Abracadabra Absten Abu Abygale - Ace Acorn Adam Addison Admiral Adora Ady Africa Agouti Aggie Aim’ee Aki Akira Al Alabaster Aladdin Alaska Albany Albert Aldo Alemi Alex Alexandria the ...Read More

Cavy Desktop

Chris has designed a cavy background for your computer. Using windows just select the resolution that you have below, wait for the image to load then right click on it and select Set as Wallpaper. If you don’t know what resolution you have you ...Read More

Cavy Computer Games

Cavy PongBounce a spinning cavy off your paddle against the computer in two difficulty levels or against another cavy enthusiast. Even non cavy enthusiasts have found it strangely addicting.   Pac CavyPac Cavy is a Pacman type game. Instead of being Pacman you are ...Read More